Our Services

Project planning

Kantaa sends its expert business analysts to the customer and offers consultancy on identifying the needs in respective business areas, assessing the correct infrastructure and similar best practices throughout the whole project.

Our management consultancy services include programme visioning and structuring, business case development, relevant stakeholder mapping, project initiation, benefits and change impact mapping and providing direct support to programmes and projects.

Transport consulting

Low carbon transport is our priority. Equally, we look to connect businesses with smarter transport solutions. The customer may request an offer meeting the requirements through Kantaa from different solution partners specialized in the required area.

Having a common requirements document in place enables receiving offers from all solution partners, so offers for the same request can be compared.

By tradition, large cities have always been driven by the dichotomy of clangor and chaos on one hand, and the quietness and efficiency of a working transport grid, especially one that do justice to the transportation needs of their robust populations and bustling commerce.

Kantaa’s trailblazing work on business planning and innovation management always had a distinctive mark of specificity and uniqueness. It involved plans that were tailored to fit the specific needs and conditions of a particular industry segment and the visions of its leaders. Kantaa takes the traditional elements of business planning, such as customer research, business plan development, operation and maintenance, financing, etc., and molds them into a variable but holistic whole, such as its seamless integration of urban and transport plans.