Cargobike delivery services

Kantaa innovated years ahead of its competitors by creating a practice in Budapest specifically dedicated to sustainable logistics. Since 2011 it delivered 50.000 parcels using only emission free transportation methods. An efficient team of 20+ (cargo-)bike couriers is still in action, however Kantaa is not responsible for the everyday operations anymore.


Cargonomia is the crossover point between three socially and environmentally conscious small enterprises operating in or near Budapest, involved in sustainable food production, promotion of low carbon transport solutions and bicycle competency advocacy. Based on the principles of sustainability and fair trade, a primary goal is to increase access to locally produced products by promoting direct trade from local producers to consumer communities who are seeking healthy and environmentally conscious food options.

Green logistics solutions for compostable wares dealer

Kantaa has been planning and managing the entire supply chain from the warehouse asset management until the kitchens of 30+ downtown, Michelin-star restaurants. The built-in consolidation levels and the full-scale provisioning of the operations ensured that all logistics and timing requirements of all the 2000+ orders have been met.

Christmas-tree home delivery service

Kantaa has been organising Christmas tree bike delivery campaigns every year during the holiday season since 2012 as a tool to raise awareness for cargo bicycles. Its service is built strongly upon customer needs of today’s world: it is convenient, flexible and time saving.

The marketing strategy, the online ordering platform and the operational elements were all created and developed in-house. The team delivers more than 300 Christmas-tree every year to its loyal and ever increasing customer base.